Monday, November 20, 2006

Enfys: Paper Dog

This is the newest paper doll I have made and it is also by far my favorite. This is Enfys, my dog (who was dognapped by my brother and taken to Nashville - Lame.) Enfys is a giant ball of amazing barkie sunshine. She has never actually flown a plane or chopped down a tree, but she has done just about everything else. The T-scarf is for Tennessee, modeled after the scarf my father handmade for her. The diaper is for her poor bloody snatch when she is in heat twice a year because she is not fixed. Although if it were up to me, she would be, even though she would make the cutest puppies in the entire world.


Chris Kim said...

I hope every entry includes the phrase "poor bloody snatch."

I love the blog!

Shelly said...


glenne vivienne said...

I am looking for dog paper dolls for an article I am writing on them. Would you consider Enfys being included in this article? Thanks. Glenna Siddons